Do pineapples help reduce wrinkles?

pineapples on wrinklesPineapple is a fruit indigenous to South America. There’s really no clear evidence that pineapple or pineapple juice is effective on wrinkles on the face or around the eyes but many resources on the internet claim this may work.

Pineapples are very rich in manganese and vitamin C. However what makes pineapples unique is that it contains proteolytic enzyme called bromelain which is capable of breaking down protein. Most of this protein is found in the stalk of the fruit. Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory agent so it has many medical uses. However as far as using pineapple on your skin you have consider the protein digesting properties of bromelain. Bromelain extract is obtained from the stems of the fruit and it has a history of ancient and modern use for health – most obvious being the fact that it has anti-inflammatory effects as we already mentioned.

When you apply the core of a fresh pineapple on your face it will help get rid of the outermost dead cells on your skin and act as an exfoliating agent. This can be useful if your skin is damaged or dry.

This exfoliating effect of bromelain in stalk of pineapple fruit will help reduce wrinkles by removing dead cells, revealing new skin cells, providing vitamin C to your skin while moisturizing it.

How to apply pineapple to skin to remove wrinkles:

  1. Cut out the core part of a fresh pineapple
  2. Rub this core to your face for one to two minutes
  3. Leave the pineapple juice on face for ten minutes
  4. Rinse off
  5. Apply as you need exfoliating

Like we mentioned this has no proven results or approved use but there’s no harm in trying pineapples on your skin for wrinkles. It may work very good for you and the worst thing that can happen is that it will leave you smelling like fresh pineapples.


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