Get rid of wrinkles at home with grape seed oil

grape seed oil for wrinklesIn addition to being an excellent cooking oil, grape seed oil is also great for the skin. It’s the preferred moisturizer for many cosmetics because of its anti oxidant properties. It contains linoleic acid (72%), oleic acid (16%), palmitic acid (7%), and finally stearic acid (4%). It is usually made from grapes that are used in wine production – and the remaining seeds are collected and the oil is gathered by pressing the dehydrated seeds through a machine. Vitis vinifera seed oil is the official name for this oil but it commonly known as grape seed oil.

What makes grape seed oil excellent to be applied topically is that it never leaves a residue on the skin and is pretty much odorless. It is also quickly absorbed by the skin, delivering necessary moisture deep into your tissues.

Grape seed oil also is a astringent. Astringents are chemical compounds that are known to shrink and constrict body tissues. Therefore if you apply this oil regularly it will tone and tighten your skin visibly, just within a week. You can safely use grape seed oil under the eyes as it is 100% natural and contains no foreign substances.

Grape seed oil has proven to be effective on wrinkles on the forehead too. As we already mentioned graped seed oil is packed with antioxidants which slows down aging and helps your lock in that moisture which is critical at later years in life. Grape seed oil almost forms an invisible layer – just like a screen protector on your phone.

Grape seed oil will nourish the skin by feeding the cell membranes which are mostly made up oils. And if you have dry skin it can help your skin stay moisturized which will keep aging at bay and help you get rid of wrinkles.

The oil in grape seed has a low molecular weight and it will not block the pores on your face and nose (It is non-comedogenic).

How to apply grape seed oil to skin:

  1. Pour 1 tsp of grape seed oil on the palm of your hand
  2. Use your index finger on your other hand to apply grape seed oil to face
  3. Apply the remaining oil on your hand other parts of the body such as the neck – don’t let it go to waste.

Do this every night before sleep and you should see your skin tightening and wrinkles fading within two weeks.


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