Homemade dark spot corrector

Have you already tried our home remedies for dark spots? That page shows you how to remove dark spots with lemon juice, ginger, and apple cider vinegar. None of them worked for you or you’d like to try another homemade dark spot corrector? Well, then let’s focus on using Vitamin C to clear up your dark spots. Vitamin C has virtually no side effects to your skin and it’s very easy to use. Vitamin C partially blocks the production of melanin in the skin which gives your skin its darker tint. The less melanin you produce the lighter your skin is generally. Another good reason to use vitamin C in fighting dark spots is that vitamin C also helps your body with collagen generation. Collagen keeps your skin nice and firm and helps you get rid of wrinkles as well.

There are various ways to apply vitamin C to your skin. There are products such as Vitamin C serum or Vitamin C lotion but we’re to talk about homemade dark spot correctors. Topical application of vitamin C is the most effective and can deliver this vital compound to your skin 20 times more than when taken orally.

Sea buckthorn berry oil is one of these. It’s been used in China for centuries and can be used safely on face and hands. These plants have a golden orange color and its oil has a darker color. It will moisturize your skin and with its high vitamin C content will help remove dark spots.

Another option is to rose hips which contains high amounts of vitamin C – usually 20x more than an orange. Rose hips look similar to sea buckthorn and its oil can be used in a similar fashion.

A topical anti oxidant like vitamin C – once absorbed – can not be washed off. Studies have shown after applying vitamin C directly to the skin it remained there for up to three days. This is why topical application is more effective than ingestion.

Tea extracts can also be applied to the skin as a home made dark spot corrector. Just like vitamin C tea extracts are have anti oxidant properties can penetrate into your skin. These tea extracts, whether its red, green, or just black take over the damaging free radicals while supporting a healthy collagen production.

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