Laser Treatment for Dark Spots

laser treatment for dark spotsLaser treatment for dark spots are becoming more popular. Laser treatments can be used effectively for various types of skin problems. There are two main types of laser treatment. Ablasive and non-ablasive laser treatment. Ablasive laser treatment is used for more severe cases, whereas non-ablasive laser treatment is used mainly for most types of skin problems. Dark spots usually respond well to laser treatments. Let’s learn how to remove dark spots with laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for Dark Spots – How Much Does It Cost

Average laser treatment cost in US is $1000 per session. This price may change depending on the state. In expensive states such as New York, California, etc. this price will go up, and in states like Texas, Arizona, etc. you may expect to pay less. In order to get the best price, you should get quotes from different clinics, compare, and negotiate.

Laser Treatment for Dark Spots – Does It Work?

Laser treatment for dark spots is highly effective. In most cases the spots will be treated permanently in 1-2 sessions. In more severe cases the treatment can take up to 5 sessions. However sun spots may come back with sun exposure. If your dark spots are caused by sun exposure, you should always wear sun block.

Laser Treatment for Dark Spot – Is Laser Treatment Painful

Most patients feel slight discomfort, but the pain is tolerable. Ablasive laser treatments are more painful than non-ablasive treatment. According to a patient survey study in London, ablative laser treatment pain score range from 5.90-8.10 (scale 1-10) and the non-ablative laser treatment pain score range from 3.90-5.66 (scale 1-10).

Before committing to laser treatment to get rid of dark spots, you should first consult to your dermatologist. For some people, laser treatment for dark spots may not be the best option. Furthermore, laser treatment is a costly way to get rid of age spots. You should see it as a last resort for your dark spot problem.

We will give you as much information as we can about laser treatment on this page. First thing you should know is dark spots are basically pigmentation of skin, and can be treated with the right treatment.

There are different methods for removing dark spots on skin with laser.

One of these, and the most effective on dark/liver spots is the Medlite C6 laser. This is also effective on freckles. It costs about $400 for each session and causes some mild scabbing for about a week. This treatment does not cause scarring at all and can make a huge difference in one or two treatments.

Another method is the IPL (intense pulsed light). This treatment is also known as photo rejuvenation or photo facial. This one costs about $500 per session but you’ll need about 3 to 5 visits to your doctor. Unlike lasers treatments which use only a few wavelengths, IPL uses a much broader spectrum of light. IPL is effective on dark spots, sun spots, facial blood vessels, and reducing redness. Though this causes very little pain it may leave some bruises.

Fraxel laser is also effective in removing dark spots and even smoothing of skin. Fraxel treatment does not cause much discomfort and requires about three to six sessions. Fraxel laser costs about $1000 per session therefore it may end up being very costly.

Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore is the latest in laser treatment for dark spots. It is very costly and healing can take up to a week which would swelling and redness. This method uses carbon dioxide laser in various modes to smooth the skin and give it a more even color. For treatment of simple dark spots and aging spots you’ll need up to 2 treatments. First treatment is usually $2500 and following treatments if necessary are half the cost.



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